Considerations for choosing Web Hosting

One of the most common dilemmas in the initiative to develop a Website after choosing an appropriate domain name to represent and defend an activity on the Internet, is undoubtedly the choice of the hosting service provider and the Web Hosting or Hosting plan. , in which we will put the files that compose it.

Here are the most important aspects that you need to consider before deciding, it will be great for you to compare the characteristics and benefits associated with different plans.

Dedicated or shared servers

The shared server plan shares resources between several sites hosted on the same space or hard drive, resulting in cheaper prices, the dedicated server is arranged to offer exclusive performance to a specific website or multisite structure, and is both more expensive due to its greater capacity as well as maintenance and associated expenses.

The choice of one system or another depends directly on the benefits and performance that you want to obtain from the website, companies or large eCommerce projects, for example, they require adequate dedicated servers to better respond to their volume of business, while websites of SMEs and Freelancers are usually hosted on shared servers.

Server Technologies

Currently, websites can be developed with different programming languages, which at the same time need different resources to function, so it is necessary to take into account the technologies that the server implements and supports according to the plan that we hire.

ASP.Net, Coldfusion, PHP & MySQL and Ruby on Rails are the languages ​​and systems most used today for the development of applications and websites, Linux is the operating system used to work with projects that include HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and My SQL databases, which today is the most practical and usual combination.


The space that we will have in Megas or Gigabytes to place the site files is important so as not to fall short or exceed expectations, leading to a higher unnecessary cost, taking into account that a modern and functional website tends to grow in this sense when updating or include new content.

A common practice to save is to start the project on shared servers with enough space, for later, and at the same time as the volume of resources and content grows, go to other plans of the same type with greater capacity, or dedicated servers, take into account the Scalability possibilities never hurt.

Traffic and bandwidth

This is the volume of file transfers between certain periods of time, they are usually limited to a number of Gigabytes per month.

Exceeding these transfer rates depends on the number of requests or visits to the pages of the site by users from their browsers to the server, so that it in turn sends the information and content that must be interpreted on the screen.

The HTML markup language, CSS style sheets, Javascript code, images and multimedia content, which are necessary to represent the information on the screen, carry a volume of data that can be estimated.

There is a higher traffic for example on specific dates prior to the celebration of events, and more spread over time for Websites of products and services, depending on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the event that many people decide to visit them at the same time .

Email accounts

It is necessary to consider the number of email accounts associated with the domain through the hosting, and the space destined to store the messages in each of them, especially in projects for companies or organizations, with many workers and users.

It is important to know that the download of e-mail messages as well as their attachments, adds to the volume of file transfer discussed in the previous section.

Reputable vendors regularly update their software and hardware resources, this avoids compromising the security of your facilities by malware or hacker initiatives.

They also perform weekly or even daily backups or backups, with the guarantee by law of being able to restore the site’s files to a previous state on specific dates days ago, it is important to note that some companies allow it to be done for free and others not.

Control Panel

Access to an intuitive control panel that allows the webmaster to operate the possibilities offered by the server always comes in handy, and should be an indispensable requirement.

This is necessary for example to create new email accounts, new databases, change passwords, assess site statistics and other various aspects related to management.
Service and technical support

The possibility of contacting the staff of the provider of these services by different means such as telephone, email or online chat is important, as well as the good availability for advice on actions related to the contracted plan.

Some providers also advise their clients using social networks as a channel for guidance or simple problem solving, this response is highly valued.


In the choice of web hosting it is worth doing a study, it is not advisable to skimp, since migrating the files of the site later by a bad choice can be more tedious and expensive, it is good to compare average prices offered by the most reputable providers in relation to its characteristics, claims such as “unlimited traffic” or a lot of capacity to store files, are often offset by the additional charge for recovering backups or contact telephone numbers.

When choosing accommodation, you have to take into account different details that make a difference and that are not always obvious, at IngenioVirtual we work with the best providers of this type of service, do not hesitate to contact us to answer your questions.

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